Unconventional Way to Set the Mood by Saving Energy

Save energy
Saving energy when celebrating Valentine’s Day can start simply by enjoying your night at home with your significant other rather than driving to a restaurant. Here are some unconventional ways to set the mood and save energy, which is good not just for the environment but your wallet too.

The perfect atmosphere

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a candlelit dinner. Dim the lights or use candles to create a romantic ambience. This is the perfect time to present her with Valentine’s gift. If you’re not sure what to buy there are many suggestions that you can find here. Remember, this is a meal for you, not about children, work issues or finances so relax and enjoy your time reminiscing and planning your future.

Slow-cooker meal

Less time spent cooking means more focused time for each other. Slow-cookers or crockpots use less energy than an oven and can be used for much more than just soups and stews. Slowly cooked lamb shanks, Moroccan chicken or Beef Stroganoff can be prepared well in advance with a slow-cooker. You can even make a cheesecake in a slow-cooker.

Spread Love to Our Planet and Help the Environment

Help the environment
Planet Earth is facing a crisis. The demands on Mother Nature continue to grow, putting a strain on resources as the global economy continues to raise supply demand. Yet there is hope. Life without some of the energy resources that we currently have in our lives is possible, but also necessary.

Currently, most of the energy produced in the world is from fossil fuels, which require millions of years to form and are non-renewable. Work has already begun on sustainable development, a process that aims not to damage the environment, considering the needs of future generations.


The growing number of cars, vans and lorries on the roads are increasing carbon emissions at a faster rate than any other sector, with 70 million new cars built each year. Car-sharing, walking-buses to get children to school and cycle lanes to encourage cyclists are enticing more of us out of our cars to get around. Taking a vacation, without needing to take a flight can also improve an individual’s carbon footprint.

Are You Curious About Electricity? Here Are Some Facts

Facts about electricity
Electricity is integral to every part of our lives, powering not just light and heat, but production processes, communication devices. It plays a part in the lifecycle of most of the items in our homes via production, transport or usage. Here are 10 interesting facts about electricity:

  1. The ancient Greeks discovered electricity around 600BC. They noted that amber and fur when rubbed together attract each other through static electricity (electricity that stays in one place).
  2. Scientists believe the Persians and the Romans created batteries after finding pots in an archaeological dig that were lined with copper sheets. It has been suggested that these were used to electroplate artwork.
  3. Ancient Egyptians probably used electric lamps since no other energy sources have been found by archaeologists. Also, some artwork from the era depicts electric lamps.
  4. In our home appliances, electricity flows through wires at a speed of 1/100th of the speed of light. That is 186,00 miles per second.
  5. A single lightning bolt, which can be three million volts, reaches temperatures of 30,000 degrees centigrade or 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Three million volts can light up 200,000 average homes, which is the same amount of electricity as a 600-megawatt natural gas plant.

Grenfell Street & Rundle Place

PSG awarded the 80 Grenfell Street office development and Rundle Place Retail development projects in June 2012, with a combined value of more than $10m21 Rundle Place

PSG was awarded the 80 Grenfell Street office development and Rundle Place Retail development projects in June 2012, with a combined value of more than $10m. PSG was also awarded the integrated fit-out as a variation to the base building contract of the Grenfell Street office development in September 2012, to be carried out in conjunction with the base building works.

The Grenfell Street Office development project consists of an $80m office tower to be built above the Rundle Place retail podium providing a corporate head office for the Bank of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. The office tower will consist of approximately 28,000sqm of gross floor A-grade office accommodation consisting of ground entry level, levels 4-14 office accommodation and level 15 plant and service areas.

Hamer Hall Concert Venue

PSG completed an electrical and communications package as part of the Hamer Hall redevelopment11 hamer3

In July 2012, PSG completed an electrical and communications package as part of the Hamer Hall redevelopment. This concert venue was formerly known as Melbourne Concert Hall, renamed in honour of Sir Rupert Hamer, a former premier of Victoria who passed away in 2004. Working in conjunction with the head contractor Baulderstone, PSG delivered a multimillion dollar package comprised of a low voltage installation and communications and security works, the manufacture of switchboards, lighting control and CBUS configuration, and a high voltage upgrade.

370 Degree Apprentice Awards


Brendan McKee and James McKenzie receive their awards

Awards excellent for two of our apprentices at this year’s 370 degree awards

​370° group held their annual Excellence Awards on Friday 12 October 2012 at Etihad Stadium. The Awards recognised the achievements of VCAL students, pre-apprentices, apprentices, trainees and host employers.

Safe Hands of PSG

As part of PSG’s commitment to safety and in the pursuit of industry-best safety practice, PSG teamed with The Jonah Group, world PSG-safety-badgeleaders in safety culture and leadership development, to improve our approach to safety. This collaborative method, coupled with commitment and support from our leadership team and our workforce, has seen a shift in attitude towards safety culture, evident in the reduction of PSG’s LTI frequency rate to 1.4 – a considerable achievement and an industry leading standard.

By ‘dissecting’ our business and confronting and understanding the existing attitudes and beliefs of our staff and our leadership team, PSG has addressed its obstacles, amended internal procedures and empowered each individual to be responsible for safety and the welfare of others.