Unconventional Way to Set the Mood by Saving Energy

Save energy
Saving energy when celebrating Valentine’s Day can start simply by enjoying your night at home with your significant other rather than driving to a restaurant. Here are some unconventional ways to set the mood and save energy, which is good not just for the environment but your wallet too.

The perfect atmosphere

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a candlelit dinner. Dim the lights or use candles to create a romantic ambience. This is the perfect time to present her with Valentine’s gift. If you’re not sure what to buy there are many suggestions that you can find here. Remember, this is a meal for you, not about children, work issues or finances so relax and enjoy your time reminiscing and planning your future.

Slow-cooker meal

Less time spent cooking means more focused time for each other. Slow-cookers or crockpots use less energy than an oven and can be used for much more than just soups and stews. Slowly cooked lamb shanks, Moroccan chicken or Beef Stroganoff can be prepared well in advance with a slow-cooker. You can even make a cheesecake in a slow-cooker.

Keep your temperature in check

Turn the heat up in the boudoir but keep hour home set at a steady 68 degrees Fahrenheit / 20 Celsius while you are at home. You can also save more and spice up the night by either turning off the heating an hour before bed or turning down the thermostat further and then cuddle under the sheets together. A smart thermostat will let you control your home’s temperature from your smartphone so that when you return from holiday your home will be warm and there will be plenty of hot water.

Turn off devices

Valentine’s Day is the one day that you want to focus on each other. To be sure not to be interrupted by a cold-caller or your mother-in-law, it’s a great idea for privacy as well as energy saving, to turn off all phones, the television and other gadgets, so your special time is not interrupted.